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Choice 1: get help here Choice 2: throw this damn laptop out window

  1. Jun 26, 2003 #1
    I have a quick question for you computer genius out there. When I'm online on this laptop I have a hard time surfing. I can click on most links with no problem, but if the link opens in a new window it doesn't work. A new window opens up, but there is nothing in the address bar and no page appears.I have to save the target link and paste it into the address bar to get it to work. Any ideas why? I'm using Windows ME and IE6, but the same thing happens with Netscape.
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    I've never heard of this. It's concievable that both IE and netscape are using some common code, maybe a .dll in the C:\windows\system32 area, to manage HTML stuff or your socket connections or whatever and that this code is broken. Have you run windows update or anything like that? This might fix the problem.
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    I too have never heard of this.

    Although it is possible that the scenario presented by grady could happen, I agree that it is very unlikely. I have never seen Netscape and IE have problems like that.

    Before you waste the money you spent on the laptop, waste your time instead reinstalling the OS. That will almost definitely fix the problem. If at all possible, make the reinstall one of Windows 2000 or XP. Much better os than ME.

    If that is not currently an option for you, grady's suggestion is right on. Update the crap outta your machine.
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    I say the same thing. WinME is the worst of Microsoft ever...
    You could take a look in the "options" to see if there's a disable pop-up windows or something thete. This happened to me once with Opera....
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    A few questions for you.

    What are your system specs? (Especially how much memory and CPU speed.)

    There are some settings that may cause this type of behavior (script and Plugins settings), but unless you set them yourself this should not effect both Netscape and IE.

    Do you have a firewall that may have a setting blocking a new browser window from starting?
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    I know the exact problem. You have ME. It's crap. dump it and get a real OS like WIN2K. ME is full of bugs like that. But if you insist, try just reinstalling IE 6 off the web, istead of the whole OS.

    Also, does this only happen with IE, or with netscape also, if you use it? If you don't have netscape, I recommend trying it out to see if you get the same problem.
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    I'd have to agree...

    I've often heard ME referred to as the bastard child of microsoft. They used Ideas from 98, and ideas from nt4 to make ME. Many problems result.

    The first thing that pops into my head is a popup killer. Sometimes, when enabled, they will do such a good job at killing the popups you don't want to see, that they get the ones your after as well.

    Check your icons next to your clock to see if you have a popup killer installed or enabled. Some will install themselves by tricking the user.

    But really, I'd look into installing a newer OS. My personal favorite MS OS is 2000.
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    Re: I'd have to agree...

    if i had a kid like ME, i think i'd keep it locked up in the basement, and charge money to see it at freak shows. but hopefully none of us will be cursed with one of those kids.
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