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Choice of course(s)

  1. Oct 24, 2005 #1
    Well, it's my last semester at my university (and next fall i will hopefully be doing math in moscow, which will be my last for my bachelor in math). so far i've done the calc series, matrix theory and linear algebra. i'm currently enrolled in abstract algebra and i'm doing a directed study in real analysis (which i really like).

    next semester, i'm taking diffyQ, which i imagine to be pretty easy. linear programming is also offered, but, it seems a bit too applied for my tastes. i may take both, and another directed study, possibly in topology.

    i'm generally interested in the abstract and geometrical. i'm hoping topology will satisfy this. i'm in no way required to take linear programming. in fact, if i take all 3, i will have completed the req's for a math major, and the 2-3 math courses i plan to take in moscow will be just, extra (though, hopefully make me look a bit better to potential graduate schools).

    anyhow, any thoughts on this? especially linear programming? i will also be consulting my advisor, aka head of the dept, also the teach for linear programming. just wondering what you folks think.
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