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Choice of Model for Cooper Pairing

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    I'm looking for advice about which physical/mathematical model to study in order to understand the mechanism of cooper pairing of electrons in super conductivity.

    As I understand it, this requires a description of spin, and the mechanics of wavefunction interaction between two particles.

    What Lie Groups or models address this?

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    This also applies to your question in another string regarding fermionic condensates.

    Why haven't you look at the BCS theory? The questions that you are asking are not in "nuclear/particle physics", but rather in the area of condensed matter physics. The BCS Theory has solved for the mechanism of cooper pair formation in conventional superconductors since 1957. The pairs are formed via phonon exchange as the mechanism in those superconductors (all bets are off in high-Tc superconductors).

    The fermionic condensates area of study is a "bridge" between the BCS model and the BEC model. It was thought that the transition between the two isn't smooth. The recent clearer discovery of the fermionic condensate shows that it is a smooth "crossover" between the two extremes.


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