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Choose yourself

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    Putting all technical issues aside, imagine you could choose yourself prior to life (sounds weird but think about it)

    Would you choose to be a kid born to a billionaire family

    would you choose having green eyes over brown or blue eyes

    Height change? be more attractive etc?

    I know alot of people are going to say something along the lines of "I'm happy the way I am.. ".. are you really?

    so yes ...would you change/modify yourself a little or would you just "go with the flow"?

    I'm going with kid in a billionaire family since I grew up in the opposite
    The rest would be icing
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    As we all should be aware from every story and movie, the magic beings who grant wishes, like being able to choose who you're born to be, have a penchant for granting the letter of your wish while screwing the spirit of it.

    So, you'd be born a billionaire, but you'd have some incurable disease, or the rest of the family would be horrible people you couldn't stand, or something, such that the benefits of being rich would be grossly outweighed by the unasked for concomitants.
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    Born a bit more smarter and with lactose tolerance.
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    And the converse - the story about the rich kid or royalty kid who wishes to just have a normal life like you. As is said, grass is always greener on the other side.

    Maybe I would want to be Fang.
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    I would have liked my family to be richer than we are, but not so rich that my head would begin to swell. Not having the same opportunities as other people has offered perspective, and I don't take very many things for granted. To be honest, though, the thought of being a different person has always scared me. While there are characteristics that I admire in others that I would like to have such as superior intellect, charisma, exceptionally good looks, etc., there are characteristics peculiar to me that I am thankful for such as my level of appreciation for different kinds of beauty like natural beauty, artistic beauty, beauty in others, etc., which really enhance my life.

    If all your asking is whether I would choose certain things to be different but have everything else remain the same (e.g. choosing to be able to grasp mathematics more easily without having to sacrifice the part of me inclined towards the arts), then there are characteristics like the ones mentioned above that I would like to have, but I certainly wouldn't want to be a radically different person or have a radically different life. I'm actually pretty happy with the way things are.
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