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Choosing a bearing tolerance

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    I'm currently in the process of designing a bearing housing for an axle. Unfortunately I am not 100% on the diameter of my axle yet but I want to have a clear understanding what tolerances to use on my axle to bearing bore and bearing outer diameter to the bearing housing.

    I've looked over the SKF website to familiarise myself with the different types of tolerances however I'm still unsure on how I should pick the right tolerance for my application and also what fit I want to achieve (clearance, interference or transition).

    Any help or guidance on what I should be looking at to define this would be very helpful.
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    Clearance with Loctite is the easiest one to use for light duties and/or where available skills and equipment are limited .
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    This sounds suitable for my design.

    What about considering tolerances?
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    Not sure how this helps me regarding tolerances?
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