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Choosing a computer case

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    I am going to build a new system but I want to go with a desktop case that uses a microATX motherboard. Currently I am thinking about going with an InWin or AOpen case:
    http://usa.aopen.com/products/Housing/H340.series.htm [Broken]

    It is not just a matter of these two cases but whether or not I should go with a case that is less than 4" like the AOpen or the InWin which is more like 5.2" thick. Right now I'm leaning more to the 5.2" case since I believe that normal PCI cards should fit since I don't know whether I need to get special cards for the slimmer cases.

    What do you guys think I should go with?
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    What type of cards do you plan on using? You could probably get the dimensions from the datasheet and then add an inch or two in order to estimate the room you'll need.
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    The majority of the parts that I am going to use will be from what I already own, and they are for standard sized chasis. My nVidia video card's body is 2.5" but the entire metal strip that fits in the bracket is just under 5" so I'm guess that they would only work on the 5.2" case.

    I think I might go with the 5.2" case because it is not that big afterall. I know that I can avoid the PCI issues by simply getting a motherboard with everthing included (video, lan, etc.) but I like to have options.
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    I have a motherboard from Dell Dimension 4550 (E210882). It measures 9.75" X 8.5", would this MB be a microATX or how do I know what kind of MB it is?
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    Looks to be MicroATX. You can get the specifications here. Dimensions are on page 9.
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