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Choosing A LaTeX Editor

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    Hi all,

    I want to learn LaTeX and would like to know if there is a de facto standard for Windows-based editors. This seems like a good resource but honestly I don't really know which features I will prefer without ever using a LaTeX editor. I realize everyone will have individual preferences but I am just looking for a good starting point to develop my own. Also it's important to me that the editor is efficient with computational resources which isn't really tabulated on that website.

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    I use TeXnic Center. I don't like WYSIWYG for LaTeX.

    IMHO you want something that shows you the source, but that can call up the compiler and show you where in the source errors occurred.

    Also some kind of a makefile or project file is nice for long documents that are split into several files, bibtex data base etc.

    I use pdfLaTeX most of the time, so you want to be able to configure that (and the corresponding viewer).

    TeXnic Center does all that quite nicely. For the bibliography I use Jabref.
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    TeXnic Center for Windows, gedit for Linux.
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    Thanks for the feedback! I will give it a go!
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