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Choosing a Major

  1. Aug 3, 2014 #1
    Hi everyone.
    I'm going into junior year of high school this academic year, and I know college is far away, but I'm already wondering about choosing a major. I know I want to do something in the sciences, but I don't know what. I've taken biology, chemistry, and physics and done lots of reading for fun on entomology, astrophysics, quantum mechanics, inorganic chemistry, and botany. I find everything in the sciences very interesting, and am wondering how someone who enjoys every one of the sciences picks a major.

    Next year I'm taking astrophysics and chemistry II because physics and chemistry are really interesting.

    Thank you in advance for your opinions.
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  3. Aug 4, 2014 #2
    As a rising junior in high school, I think you're in a good shape in terms of determining your major. I think it's important to pick a "direction" before you enter college (e.g. not specific enough to claim a major, but something along the line of "science," "humanity," "social science," or "art"). I would keep taking more science and math courses in high school (if your high school offers AP, take them!), and keep working on finding your interest. I was in a same situation when I was in high school, and even during the first year of college---I tried various subjects (chemistry, physics, computer science), but I realized math was the subject that I really wanted to pursue, and I did fine in college.
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    I was in a similar boat in high school - interested in everything. I would suggest to keep doing what you're doing. Just explore and keep reading about things that interest you. Maybe subscribe to a good science magazine such as New Scientist.

    I was very concerned with how to choose a major as well. It wasn't until taking several classes during my first year that I realized that physics was the field for me. You really cannot tell until you start digging into the coursework. Good luck!
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