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Stargazing Choosing a telescope

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    Today I was bored, so I went into my closet and found an old telescope of mine. I spent like a half hour star-gazing, but quickly became bored. I couldn't see very far with this telescope, since it was a cheap one I got for Christmas a few years ago (and funny thing is, around the time I got it, I saw it in a CVS Pharmacy.) It was about $50. I decided to buy myself a nicer one, and after researching for about an hour (yes, I read the sticky.) I settled on two.



    The Orion one has better reviews. So far i'm leaning towards that one, but the Celestron looks like it could be good. Just wanted to check in here before I made a final decision.
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    the celestron will be far better. the main thing you want in a telescope is a large objective (size of the primary mirror in a reflector, or lens in a refractor).

    also dependent upon what kinds of things you like to observe - if wide star fields, a short focal length scope is good - if planets, moon, messier objects, then you want a longer focal length for higher magnification.
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    You might want to discuss this in the "Planning to buy a first telescope?" thread; stickied at the very top of the page.
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