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Choosing an electric motor

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    Well...I am making/designing an electric wheelchair which should be able to move a maximum load capacity of 200kg. The worst case scenario is the chair is fully loaded and going up an ambulance ramp of incline 15degrees.

    I've decided to have two small motors for two wheels.

    I find the maximum torque requirements from my specs to be 28.5Nm required from each motor! I know I can apply a gearing ratio to cut this down. My maximum wheel velocity has to be 1600RPM. Can anyone suggest how I can find a electric motor that meets these specs thats also light!! I was thinking of a brushless permanent magnet DC motor.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    Hi melanie_new,
    Well we used some motors from scrap in one of our projects. 200kg is pretty heavy load and in your case i think you'll need high starting torque and max. speed . So this calls for a series-wound DC motor. Though it's size is very big they can be properly adjusted and clamped to get the desired results. one motor of this type can weigh upto 7kg max. Approx. specifications are:
    torque at 7500rpm is 19.6 Nm and if reduced by half you would get the desired torque of 38 Nm approx. at a speed of 3000 rpm,is that ok?
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    Hey thanks for the advice
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    Nope, lynch motors are good.
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