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Programs Choosing between EE and ME

  1. Dec 16, 2016 #1
    I am going to be getting my A.S. in Mechanical Engineering by the end of next semester; however, I am not sure if I should pursue a B.S. in ME or EE.

    Both degrees would take me 3 years to finish (ME will be 12 credits a semester and one part time semester, EE will be 13-15 a semester. I can't finish ME sooner unless I take 20 credits a semester and 3 classes this summer). While I have enjoyed the ME classes I have taken (Statics and Thermo), I have much more enjoyed my math classes such as Differential Equations and calculus. I understand that both degrees use a lot of math, but from what I hear, EE's use more.

    I also enjoyed learning about electromagnetism, gaussian surfaces, and circuits in physics way more than I enjoyed learning about centripetal acceleration, circular motion, etc..

    It sounds like I should probably do EE right? The only thing is that I am worried that I like stuff like FEA and CAD more than I like whatever you do as an EE. I guess I only really know about what EE's learn in school and not anything about what they do on the job. I have always loved programming though and that seems to be something that EE's do more than ME's. I probably like programming more than I like FEA and CAD. I think I would enjoy a job as a ME because I know I enjoy designing mechanical parts ( I am currently designing some parts for this years ASME project), but I also know I like the stuff you learn in EE more.

    One huge thing with me is that I want to be able to travel a lot right when I get out of school. I am hoping to live overseas somewhere like Germany, Korea or Italy. I'm pretty sure both degrees will allow me to do this but I guess I've been wrong a lot of times lol.
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    Have you done any circuit simulations with SPICE packages? Especially where you optimize the circuit using Monte Carlo simulations? :smile:
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    It is good that you enjoyed calculus and differential equations, because they are the learning tools for the engineer , and knowledge of the math behind the equations is essential in any type of engineering. But with some exceptions, generally engineers do not use calculus and higher level math in their day to day work. I haven't met one in my illustrious career who has. So I would not change majors solely based on choosing the discipline that would use a lot of calc etc, because that may not be the case. I'd continue taking advanced level math courses, but in my opinion, I would stick with ME, based on what you have stated.
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