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Choosing between GW and CM modelling

  1. Apr 20, 2012 #1
    Hello PF,
    I am in a bind and wonder if anyone has any advise. Finishing my undergraduate learning I applied for numerous PhD positions, and was incredibly lucky to receive the following offers

    1) Modelling of complex systems specializing in magnetic materials (condensed matter physics-CMP) - I have already done some work in the field due to a summer project and it is likely this work will be included on a paper if I am lucky.

    2) Modelling of gravitational wave (GW) sources - I have no knowledge in this field outside of undergraduate level teaching. This particularly appeals as I will get to spend 20% of my time in the Albert Einstein institute.

    While the physics of both are exciting I was initially drawn more to the GW PhD due to its sci-fi nature. However I realize that CMP will always be more profitable, and I would have more opportunities to change fields.

    Should I be concerned about being "trapped" in GW where there may be less opportunity, and less pay?

    Your opinion will be highly valued.

    All the best

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