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Choosing between Rollins College and UCF for Math Undergrad

  1. Feb 4, 2013 #1
    Physics Forum;

    I am getting ready to graduate with my AA in Mathematics from a CC in Orlando. The CC feeds directly into the University of Central Florida (UCF) but I also have a choice of attending Rollins College. The available information on the two programs isn't vast, so any input you provide would be appreciated.

    Rollins College - A Private University in Orlando ranked as the #1 Regional University in the South by US News and World Report. I can't do a double major in CS here (same dept), but I can double major in Physics and minor in CS (equally okay).

    UCF - is a public university in Orlando, and one of the largest universities in the USA (population). I would do a double major in CS, which UCF has a very good program for.

    1. I am aware of the significant difference in tuition, but I will find a way to make rollins work (combination of my Veteran Benefits, scholarships, and loans).
    2. I'm plan on attending Grad School; will it make a difference in getting into top tier programs if I attend Rollins instead of UCF?
    3. I'm concerned about the class sizes at UCF; I've heard of some senior level engineering courses having 40-400 students. I'm concerned that the math program might have some fairly large classes too.
    4. Grade Curving; I know that UCF does a LOT of HEAVY (30% F to over 90% A) grade curving, I fear that the curriculum and instruction might be poor. I have not heard of grade curving that bad at Rollins, but the key word is 'heard'. I want to make sure that I have quality instruction.

    If you can provide pros and cons as to public university and private university I'd really appreciate it!!!

    Thank you for any advice.
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