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Choosing graduate school in HEP-EX.

  1. Feb 24, 2013 #1

    I've been accepted to few places so far and would like input for selection.

    Background: I did few years of research as an undergraduate in the CMS experiment, and I would like to continue doing research in experimental particle physics, though not necessarily in LHC.

    Caltech: They are involved in several high energy experiment, I'm mostly interested in CMS and minos/nova. A total of three professors are involved in these two experiments. I would call this a small research group.

    MIT: Apparently the largest research group in CMS as far as US is concerned. I've been warned not to go there because grad students there likely would not receive much attention from the professors.

    Cornell: Many hate it for its location, but I'm personally fine with it. My current adviser is a very good friend with one hep-ex professor there (I believe they were doing PhD in UChicago at the same period of time), I believe that professor is also a very nice person to work with. I've heard from a postdoc that they will be building another collider, but it probably won't get built before I finish PhD work.

    Still waiting on Stanford, they've only got 2 professors working in the ATLAS experiment.

    I will of course visit the schools before making final decision, but I would like to gather as much info as possible before visiting especially ones that may not be easily found on the web.

    Any additional infos and advices are welcome, thanks a lot!
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