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Choosing motor

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    hi all
    I m designing a AGV (automatecd guided vehicle),i use DC motor and step, i have read a catelogue motor,but i dont know how to chose motor pertinently.
    More information about the motor
    http://www.motionking.com/Products/Hybrid_Stepper_Motors/HB_stepper_motors.htm" [Broken]
    http://www.motionking.com/Products/DC_Motors/DC_gear_motors.htm" [Broken]
    Anyone can help me .
    Thanks so much !
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    The specs give you details about voltage and current ratings, even gear reduction ratio.

    The design has to take these specs into consideration.
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    Thanks for your reply that is useful ,so i read the catalogue carefully and found more on google ,i got the answer
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    Hi, you should think about the dimension of this vehicule and the weight , because some motors are used for high torque others for precise step angel, for high or low speed ect...
    It depends to your needs , give us please more details about the project , this can be better for us to know about the choise of the motor.
    Have a nice day,:cool:
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    Thanks ,Anita
    In my design, the AGV have a short roller conveyor on the top something like:
    http://img353.imageshack.us/img353/3153/liverollerconv.th.gif [Broken]
    http://img397.imageshack.us/img397/343/conlan13.th.gif [Broken]
    First ,i chose a step motor because it have some advantage,especially it can keep goods by hold torque when AGV move,but when i caculated how many torques i need for the conveyor,
    then i looked up the catalogue ,i relized that step motor can not use for this case because its torque is too small,i think i should chose a DC motor and change my mechanical design
    More information about AGV ,you can see these videos:
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    Hi Nam nqa-
    Some motors are specifically designed for continuous locked-rotor applications. See
    DC gear motors with commutators generally are not a good choice for locked rotor torque, but some Hall Effect sensor dc motors with permanent magnet rotors are suitable. DC gearmotors are generally easier to control than steppers, but are not as accurate in controlling motor RPM or stopping position.
    Bob S
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    Thanks Bob !
    It is useful advice,i will try to this way ,but now i have a problem with my mechanical design.
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