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Choosing my concentrations-Help Please

  1. Apr 14, 2005 #1
    I am declaring my majors/minors in September, and need some help deciding. I know I want to double up, but what fields would be the best choices, and what should go where? I have more or less decided on Arabic, Armenian, Persian, Turkish Studies (with focus on Armenian) as a major with a Eastern European Studies minor, and Russian Language and Lit as a major with French Language and Lit minor. These are all things that interest me, and I feel I can excell in, but...How much can I really do with these majors besides going to grad school and teaching/publishing...?

    I want to choose things that interest me, but I feel like I will have no work prospects with a BA to support myself while Im in grad school. Whats the good of having this knowledge if it isnt useful? :frown: Even United Nations has no reason to want me with just a BA.

    What are some things you can think of that I could look into for work? Should I choose another field like something in anthropology or sociology to have something more practical to work with?
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