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Choosing physics classes, for transfer into mechatronics engineering

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    Hi all. Over here (New Zealand!), a BE is 4 years long (although it's hons). The first year is not specialized, it is just general engineering. All engineers do the same first year, before choosing their specialization. I all ready know what specialization I want to do, mechatronics. I also really don't want to do any chemical engineering or biological engineering, which you have to do in the first year. Also, the entrance requirement for BE is far higher than BSc, so this is a more viable entry for me. For this reason, I'm deciding to take a different pathway.

    You can do the first year of a BSc, and transfer into BE, if you have at least average of B+. You need to start year 2 a few weeks early, for a prep course, and you're assigned a staff mentor, to make the transition smooth. 'Accelerated Pathway', they call the program. This will let me study physics, then transfer straight into second year engineering (first year mechatronics). I find physics much more interesting than biological and chemical engineering. So, here's the question, which physics courses should I select to make sure I get the best preparation for mechatronics engineering? Here's what's available (these are just the relevant ones):

    PHYSICS 111 Analytical Techniques in Physical Sciences 1 (maths taught by physics department)
    PHYSICS 120 Physics of Energy
    PHYSICS 130 Properties of Matter
    PHYSICS 140 Digital Fundamentals
    PHYSICS 150 Physics of Technology
    PHYSICS 160 Physics for Life Sciences
    PHYSICS 210 Analytical Techniques in Physical Sciences 2 (you can take this semester 2, if you complete 111 in first)
    MATHS 108 General Mathematics 1
    COMPSCI 101 - Principles of Programming

    I need to choose 7 subjects, 4 per semester minus my general education paper (French). Here is the 'intro year' to engineering, to show what I'd be missing out on.

    Mathematical Modeling 1
    Introduction to Engineering Design
    Engineering Mechanics
    Engineering Biology and Chemistry
    Materials Science
    Electrical and Digital Systems
    Engineering Computation and Software Development

    It's ok if you don't want to plan my timetable, I don't expect anyone to. But if there are a few key papers that would be recommended, any pointers would be greatly appreciated!
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