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Schools Choosing the right university course

  1. Oct 17, 2005 #1
    I'm currently a 17 year old trying to apply for various universities in the UK, looking at various factors like job prospects, interests to choose a subject to study.

    I'm currently looking at two possibilities: either chemistry or chemical engineering.

    This is where the 'problem' comes in for me. i consider myself quite interested in theoretical chemistry in general, but also interested in ensuring a future in job prospects. This is where the 'interest; in chemical engineering came in.

    I have seen a lot of people mention that you shouldn't go into science just for money. I do consider this aspect, but i still do not think that a person should be just following his dreams blindly i.e. some realism in terms of getting a well paid job, getting a house etc should come in.

    I am fairly interested in the application of calculus in to chemistry/physics, and although my mathematics isn't exactly top-notch compared to 'further; maths people that are here with me in my school i am willing to work hard to catch up.

    Any advice people..?
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    If you plan on getting a PhD in Chemistry, then you wont have a problem finding a job.

    However, with only a BSc in Chemistry, chances are either you wont find a job, or wont find something you enjoy doing (ie, lab technician, "pipette-master", high school teacher).

    So if you enjoy chemistry and plan on going to graduate school, go for it, but if you dont want to spend more than 4 years studying for a degree, then you might have better luck in chm eng.

    That being said, you can always switch out later, from one to the other, without losing too much time, since most first-year and second-year classes would be the same.
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    ^Just a question on the phD in chemistry... with that, what career aspects are open to you, besides pharmacy?
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    research I guess, im not too up-do-date on chemistry jobs.
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