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Homework Help: Choosing timing chain for 1 cyl.

  1. Nov 27, 2013 #1
    I need to choose a timing chain for a one cylinder combustion engine. I have found two diffferent catalogues but both involve problems...

    First problem from following catalogue:
    http://www.rexnord.eu/fileadmin/Rexnord_Kette/PDF/Catalogue_Flyer/Auslegung_Kettentrieb_E.pdf [Broken]

    The smallest pitch to choose is 12.7 mm (page 22)
    Needed ratio: 2

    This gives me a a too big reference diameter for my second spocket: about 105 mm

    I need a reference diameter smaller than 70 mm

    Second problem from following catalogue:

    i need a center distance between the two spockets measuring <239 mm. The guide (page 5) tell's me that the center distance must at least 240 mm

    * Is it possible to choose a chain from this calalogue or is it just impossible?

    * Am i right about the center distance? Are there other possibilities?
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