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    Hey Jimmyp, what's a chopnik? (oh my, I believe I've spelled it wrong! As you can see I spelled it two different ways...)

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    I can answer that for you, as I gave him that name several months ago in another thead. :smile: It was a term used by a high school friend of mine. Her little old granny used to pinch their cheeks when they were little and tell them they were "such cute little chopniks". I can't remember if she was German or Belgian but my friend said that it was a term used in the 'old country'. I thought it sounded so cute and funny that I've been using it myself for years. jimmy p made a post that inclined me to call him a 'cute little chopnik' and he adopted the term as his own. He also adopted me as his PF 'aunt'. (Evo is his PF 'mom'.) I just love it. :wink: :biggrin:
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    jimmy p

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    :smile: Woot!! nuff said i think... I wasnt the one to ask really, but i suppose you had to be there to get that it was Tsunami who was the official name giver!! Also, Ivan Seeking is my PF 'uncle' but that is due to his connection with Tsunami, and not out of choice! :tongue:
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