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Chord parallel to AB and 2CD=AB

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    AB is the diameter of a circle CD is a chord parallel to AB and 2CD=AB. The tangent at B meets the line AC produced at E. Prove that AE=2AB.

    I'm finding no way to solve this ?

    Still i thought of applying AE*CE=BE2 but that is not enough to slove the pro ???

    Any other Hint to solve
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    matt grime

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    So A and C are on the same end of the chords?

    Let O be the centre of the circle

    the triangle OAC is equilateral, because the triangle OCD is and everything is symmetric.. well, convince yourself somehow

    so angle BAE is 60,

    so AB/AE = cos60 = 1/2; AE=d. QED

    Opposite ends of te chords gives you...?
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    i think you should bulid a trapozoid with CD and AB (with two sides equals to each other and to the small base-CD) and to see that we have THE TRAINGLE BAE as a right triangle because the angle between radius and a tangent is 90.
    here are my computations that brought to the answer:

    so you were half right himanshu :wink:
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    i have an illustration of the triangle and trapaoid the problem is my scanner doesnt work so i cant upload it here, sorry.
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    Ya i got it
    I was half way write upto formation of equation and it just required manipulations & rearrangement

    Ya i convinced myself for equilateral triangle
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