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Christ: Early day cracker

  1. May 28, 2003 #1
    Ok i was watching the relgion channel the other day, because it is funny,and i saw the figure of christ crusified. I was looking at it twidling my thumbs when i wondered...whoa he is very very pale to be coming form a mideaster area. and less improtantly he had no boady hair only facial hair (which could be easily ridden off as a simple lack of detail). Now am i missing soemthing or are they missing soemthing?
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    they are, jewish people aren't white :smile:. however one should realize it doesn't matter whether jesus was white, black, asian, or any other race, it's only his teachings that matter.
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    ahh i see, i do agree his teachings are very helpful at the time but i was trying to figure the authentisety of the bible
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    The photographer was an atheist, he refused to participate and so ..you see..no pics..jesus being the cool dude he was said..."we'll leave it their imaginations, ok habibi's?" the 12, or was it 13? being a generous lot, agreed...
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    There's a religion channel? Never heard of it. What the heck do they have on that?
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    I just realised how stupid that question sounds. What do they have on the religion channel?

    Duh. Religion maybe.

    I meant what kinds of topics are on the programs? Does the channel have a web site.
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    By evaluating a painting? OK, now I'm curious!

  9. Jul 3, 2003 #8
    I hope so it can be so funny sometimes like the angle force. Which is disney taken over by jesus...fantics
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