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News Christian: Love is overrated

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    Cheyney's pregnant. I mean the Vice President's daughter. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/16089803/. Here is an excerpt from the story:

    I believe the timing of this, waiting until after the elections, is very suspicious.
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    Suspicious or not I agree with the statement.
    The best way to raise a child is with a mother and a father.
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    I disagree, it's more important to raise a child with love, it does not matter who the primary care giver is. It also does not matter how many care givers there are. One is sufficient as long as there is love.
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    And yet you changed the wording of it. Good for you. I agree with the mother and father part, I just can't figure out why she took a swipe at love.
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    Love is simply an emotional state not something that is magically given to someone else. In fact someone whose behaviour is conditioned by being loved by others will always have self esteem issues to deal with.

    Taking care for a child in a material and emotional way is what matters not the selfish feeling of love towards a child. There is nothing wrong by loving a child of course but some people are incredibly naive about this and think that their love for a child is by itself something that is beneficial for the child.
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    So "God is Love" is out? If you are not a Christian, you needn't answer that. The same goes for Carrie Gordon Earll.
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    I disagree, love is not an emotion, it is a choice. I think it is best explained in one of my brother's favorite television shows, Family Guy, where the main character's father says to him "I love you...I just don't like you."

    As for the original post, I cannot see why parents and love were compared for raising children. I think it is mentally healthier for a child to grow up with parents of the opposite sex because men and women are so fundamentally different.
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    Who needs love when you're guaranteed a position at Haliburton before birth?

    I just had to...
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