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News Christian militia accused of plotting to kill cops

  1. Mar 29, 2010 #1
    http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20100329/ap_on_re_us/us_fbi_raids [Broken]

    These guys are crazy, they legit believe that they are preparing for a war beside Christ. What sickened me the most is that they are willing to kill an officer in order to kill even more people at the funeral.

    Someone on CTV news just now said that they believe these groups are sprouting all over the place due to the fall of the economy. Too much time in the hands of the conspiracy theorist or those in the American 'bible belt'???
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    Yeah, that is pretty bad. Glad they caught those morons.
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    Michigan? Bible belt?

    Michigan used to have an organization of militias that numbered 20,000 strong in the late 90's, but then there was some infighting, legal trouble and failed assassinations that for some reason caused people to quit. Apparently they're back on the rebound now.... whether it's because there's a democratic president again or it just takes 10 years to get over that stuff is a different question. Here's their website
    http://www.michiganmilitia.com/SMVM/smvm.htm [Broken]

    The militia group in question here was kicked out of the SMVM
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    Bunch of idiots. None of the other militias will even train with these loonies.

    Have you seen their youtube videos?
    Here is their page: http://www.youtube.com/user/hutaree" [Broken]

    They haven't been online for three days, which is the time since they have been caught!
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    Oh no no I was specifically talking about the rise in the nation as a whole not about this specific instance. The person on CTV said that they believe these groups have risen all throughout the country because of the poor economy. They also said that most of them were conspiracy theorist etc..

    Anyways why are you talking specifically about Michigan??? This christian militia has people from all over in it.
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    I think it is a requirement to be a conspiracy theorist to be in a militia!
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    That's their actually website, I don't know if I can post it here though so if it's not allowed could the mentor just delete it?

    That site also has links to other groups of militias.

    Edit by Evo: Probably best not to link to it here. If people want to find it on their own they can.
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    Did you see their forums?

    Check out the bigotry on those! And I dont suggest opening any of the threads in the general discussion. looks like you know who found them.
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    I didn't really look through the forums I'll go check it out now. I sure hope that these nutcases didn't actually think that they'd be able to take on the American military.
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    I am glad the SWAT used shock and awe to keep any other groups from trying to pull anything stupid like these guys did.
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    Well if you can lure them all into following you across the Red Sea - there is a precedence.
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    I was talking about Michigan both because the group that was arrested was based in Michigan and because I have oddly specific knowledge about militias in Michigan. Also, there is a strong militia culture in Michigan which is less religious oriented in general, which makes it a convenient place to examine to see why militias would be on the rise outside of the influence of religion. I didn't realize the latter part of your post was referring specifically to religious militia
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    As long as they don't have any spies in Canaan.
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