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Christian Science

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    "Christian Science"

    While I have heard the old, tired saying that "Christian Science" is an oxymoron or worse, I have found some real comparisons between Mary Baker Eddy's "Science and Health" and Buddhism. There are also overtones of Gnosticism in her book. Is anyone willing to discuss these things with me, or "put me in my place," LOL? I am not a Christian Scientist, but I study all world religions fairly deeply. (I've been a "Temple Mormon" and a registered Muslim, among other things, but subscribe to no particular religion now.) I do admire those religions, like "Christian Science" and Buddhism and Gnosticism that deal with the nature of "reality" and epistemology and theodicy. I tend towards existentialism and apophatic theology also. I would have to say that I am a "probabilist" more than anything, in that I can find probabilities in some of the more obscure "faiths" as already mentioned, but I am not a skeptic either. Nor am I an agnostic. I am syncretistic and eclectic, more than anything else. If anyone would be interested in discussing these things, I would be most grateful.
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    Hi Andrew,

    I'm afraid that discussions of specific religions is not allowed here.
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