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Christianity, Good or Bad?

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    As an Agnostic I see Christianity as a faith that has caused many bad things to happen, as well as many good things. However, I'm unsure if I should criticize people for being Christian. As an Agnostic, I do disagree with people who don't come up with their own beliefs based on logic; however, even if a Christian does do that, are they not fueling those who don't?

    If people want to believe in God, wouldn't the best way to worship be simply interpreting what to do with your life based on what you think is right, because God would want that?

    While I don't think Christianity creates enough good to justify the bad things that happen because of it, I'm interested in hearing other opinions. Do you think the faith is worthwhile for people to invest time in? On the other end of the spectrum, do you think Christianity is not only wrong, but it should be rebelled against; therefore, do you support anti-christians?
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    That is an impossible question to answer, without some clarification. There are Christians like Thomas Merton (a contemplative Catholic), and then there are Christians like Benny Hinn (an Evangelical blowhard Protestant). Some versions of Christianity are so like the mystical traditions in other religions that there seems little difference outside the icons used in the rituals. Other versions of Christianity are nothing more than bigotry and idolatry masquerading as spirituality. I'd send my children to a school run by the first sort of Christian. I'd move out of a neighborhood that contained the second sort of Christian.
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    I really don't care what sort of fairytales people want to believe in, as long as they don't try and proselytize their beliefs. I detest evangelism. In my country, I don't have any problems with the established religions or denominations like Catholicism, Anglicism, Baptism, Judaism, and recent imports like Buddhism, Islam, and Hinduism. I have a big problem with the so-called "born-again" Christians, fundamentalist Muslims, and the Scientologists. Religion should be a private matter like sex. It should not encroach on the political or economic spheres.
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    No kidding, good or bad?

    People can be nice, be wise. It depends of so many factors.
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    "If people want to believe in God, wouldn't the best way to worship be simply interpreting what to do with your life based on what you think is right, because God would want that?"

    But what would be the real motive for that? If you are Christian, you believe Jesus taught the Word of the Lord: an objective, universal truth. Why would God want us to create our own belief when he has already given us the real truth in Christianity?

    Please specify these "bad" things which Christianity has caused. Please keep in mind, we are talking about real believers and followers of Christianity, not extremists (such as Muslum extremists) or reform/cafeteria Christians.
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