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Christians and Earthquake

  1. May 27, 2003 #1
    When earthquake happened, some christians are very happy about it, they think this is a Good Sign that Jesus' second coming is impending!

    Do you agree with this type of phycho ?

    Do you think they are cold-blooded?

    I don't think they go to the disaster area to offer humanitarian help to the earthquake victims, merciful enough ?
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    I think there was a passage in the Bible saying...

    To look for and pray always...

    No, I don't think they are wishing so much for people to die, as they are for the return of Christ. I can see how it can 'look bad' though...
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    jus wonder, the bible predicted a lot of disasters , but what does its God do to rectify and save the world?

    i can see this God is ruthless as Hitler.
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    When you say "predicts" do you mean that it makes statements of things to come (that haven't already come)?

    I am completely unaware of the bible stating any such claims of events that are tied to specific dates that we know have not yet come.

    However, skipping that, no the christian God doesn't save people.

    Remember that it's not an issue to do in a disaster. Death is something to look forward to all your life in the christian religion!

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    The new testament does make many foretelling about bad situations that precede Jesus second advent,
    besides, it does not provide a way for us to solve these problems.

    in short, unbelievers are doomed, and believers will be saved,
    this is the impression of christianity gives me-- save nothing, only omens.
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    Like Boulderhead said, those types of people can both feel bad for the victims of the disaster and feel happy at the same time that they are seeing signs of their salvation. Often times, I would suspect, that the happiness would only be there if they were not in the middle of the disaster themselves.

    Of course, there are crazy folks...like that group that tried to go to Israel on the year 2000 in order to cause great disasters/crimes in order to hasten the Second Coming. But I think/hope they are a rare/extreme fringe of the norm.
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    Acts of God have nothing to do with God.

    Primitive people believed that Sun is pushed across sky by Apollo or that earthquake is made by God. And many still do.

    Present day Maya people belive in 70 day-time gods and 200 night time gods to explain almost all they see.
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