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Christmas Carol for the Physicists

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    I have no idea who that was designed for, possibly to indoctrinate children. The music is very poor, the science is inexistent, the political argument is preposterous. I consider you insult physicists by posting that this loss of time is suitable for them.
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    I found the parody quite funny. I didn't think at all about the science or validity of it. I may not show it to someone who has Rush Limbaugh in their ipod. To scientists, it should be ok. I don't think it insults anyone. Do you get insulted when you watch a movie where animals talk, because in real life it doesn't happen?
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    It does ridicule GW alarmists in general and Al Gore in particular. It is a political joke. A scientific joke should have the beginning of a scientific content. Why is it suitable for "physicists" or even "scientists" in general ?

    A movie with talking animals can be enjoyable, it could even have a scientific content.
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