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Christmas left over sarnie

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    1 slice buttered bread, i slice turkey with cranberry jelly, 1 lettuce leaf trimmed to fit, 1 slice beef with mustard, 4 or 5 chipo whats it sausages, bacon off the top of the turkey, layer up and fit another buttered round of bread on top, squash down, eat.
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    That sounds disgusting, sorry but yeah. Cranberry jelly with bacon, beef, and sausage?
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    I'm with you binzing. Wolram, replace the cranberry sauce with horseradish and mayonaise.
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    You have to try it, it works, the jelly and mustard give a nice after taste.
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    That sounds more like it, Evo. Horseradish, mayo, and some hot chili relish (of course!). My wife likes cranberry sauce on turkey sandwiches, but I'm getting her converting to really hot sauces, and she's already informed me that my late-season "clean-up chili relish" made from green (and some red stragglers) jalapenos, habaneros, and super chilies is her favorite, and she's strongly hinted that she would appreciate it if I developed a stronger liking for some of the other batches, so we can string out that particular batch a little longer. No problem. I have developed a real fondness for my red habanero relish. It has a wonderful burn and a great flavor.
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