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Christmas music.

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    Can you write a Christmas song without using the word "Christmas"?

    If it is possible, can you give an example?

    If it isn't, how many times do you have to say "Christmas" in the same song before it is considered a Christmas song? Is it less than twenty?

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    Frosty the Snowman is a pretty popular song that gets played at Christmas, and doesn't contain the word Christmas at all.
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    • Greensleeves, although why that's even a Christmas song I don't know.
    • Silent Night, clearly about Christmas but the word isn't in the song (at least, the English version).
    • Jingle Bells.
    • Winter Wonderland.
    • Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow.
    • Little Drummer Boy (again clearly about Christmas but not mentioned).
    I'm sure there are more.
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    Ah, yall are right. At lunch today I heard several of the classics that don't mention "christmas." I guess the ones that stand out as especially annoying are the ones that say "christmas" every other sentence(verse).
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    'The First Noel' doesn't have the word 'Christmas' in it.
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    I heard a really annoying one the other day that steps it up a notch. The entire first line is:

    Cee Aitch Arr Iy Ess Tee Emm Ay Ess
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    Just turn on the radio and listen to classical christmas songs. They dont use the word Christmas, but Christ.
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    Unfortunately, the radio is the source of this angst.
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