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Christmas Physics Wish List?

  1. Nov 25, 2012 #1
    I am a freshman in physics at this point, and looking to get some ideas of some things that I might want to add to my Christmas wish list involving my profession? Although this probably won't make much of a difference, I am a 34 year old adult changing professions to one I have always loved, and I would really like some new toys to play with that I will enjoy and at the same time will teach me more about physics.

    My primary passions are in quantum physics and astrophysics, though I plan to get my doctorate in something involved in quantum. I was considering a microscope, though I felt this isn't going to help me learn a whole lot about physics, but rather chemistry. Also, a telescope is off the table. Nobody that is giving me gifts has enough money to get one that would be very powerful, and I know I would get tired of it fast. Besides, I find plenty of images from space online.

    So, does anyone have any other ideas? The price range should be around $10-$40 or so. I appreciate any feedback anyone can provide.
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    My suggestion is to request this free catalog from Edmund Scientific:

    Once you have it chances are you will find some items that interest you and are within your price limitations.

    Good luck with furthering your education in the sciences!

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    A low quality but working gyroscope can be obtained for under 15 dollars. They are quite amusing. The quality can be cheaply improved by applying some lubrication to the pivot.
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    Thanks for the suggestions. I used to have a gyroscope when I was a kid, but no idea where it is at now. As far as the catalog, took a quick look and it looks interesting!
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