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Christ's resurrection?

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    Hey there, I just wanna know what eveidence we have of Christ's resurrection, or what proof we have of Christ not rising from the dead...
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    Well, I'd argue that we don't need any 'proof' that he died. Death is the natural end of at least our physical bodies. If Jesus didn't die on the cross, then he would still be dead by this time anyway.
    In summary, Jesus is dead. He is just as dead as you or I will eventually be.
    Let us never forget this.
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    ya... maybe i should make my self more clear. I am doing this assignment in which I am against Christ's resurretion. So basically I am looking for arguments about the resurretion; if actually happened or whether it is a myth. Oh ya, proof/references of your statements would be nice as well. thanks.
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    Hmm. There are as many rumours about him not resurecting as there are in the bible that he did.

    Sources of either side are equally unavailible.

    So what you have here is quite simply, a myth.

    No different then me asking Did Hercules really exist and was he truly 50% god?

    I'm sure there are storys that go either way about Herc. Unfortunatly the evidence that makes something stand out from the rumour/lies does not exist.

    So I can tell you what I've heard, but can offer you no better proof then you offer me when I say the christian God can't exist.
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    This site has many links concerning christ and the resurrection.
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    they use the bible as most of the proof, that's simply laughable.

    i think the earliest non-christian mention of jesus was in tacitus' annales

    EDIT: of course there is no proof of any kind that he rose from the dead :smile:.
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    Ummm...generally, magic tricks like this are considered myth until proven otherwise. You don't need proof AGAINST something like this, do you?
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    I was gonna let this slide, but I got to see the excuse.

    You, being a professed believer, say that using the bible as proof is laughable? Is that not blasphemy? To say that it is funny that a person uses the cornerstone of your belief system to prove something of your faith? Especially when the bible is supposed to be perfect, and the absolute truth.

    I'm pretty sure any deviation would make you a member of a customized religion.

    which most christians are anyhow.
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    whoa, simmer down. i wasn't commenting on my beliefs. blasphemy would be me saying that the story of jesus' resurrection is laughable, i did not say that. using the bible as proof of the resurrection (to a non-believer, which im assuming the starter of the thread is) is like using the iliad as proof of apollo. don't you see the irony in that?
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    I see what your saying. I know from my perspective, I'd say that the bible cannot be thought of as 100% truth. I'd maybe give it a 10%, after all, its name really is "The Bible" right?
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    There are 773,692 words in The Bible, it's name is "The Bible" that only makes .000258% true:smile:

    Anyhow, I agree with most everyone else. Nobody has ever died for 3 days and then came back to life, other than Jesus and a select few other lies...er...stories of people in the Bible. This should be proof enough? Why did you choose to take on such an unchallenging, and [IMO] worthless task, unfortunately (I'm sure you will come up with intelligent proofs) nobody that believes will believe your proofs.

    SIDE NOTE: Mr. Bill, you have a cool avatar...I thought Cross-slash was the coolest thing...until I used Omnislash and hit for max damage:wink:
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    well some guys in france claim to have JC's bones
    and also claim he had desendants by mary mags, some of whom are alive today

    read the book "HOLY GRAIL, HOLY BLOOD"
    for their story

    I do find it interesting old JC never ever appeared before the people in mass or the roman or jewish leadership
    only to a few followers brefly a few times
    and stilll had the wounds on his body from the cross,see thomas and the wounds in the bible!!!!!

    leading to the following questions
    why couldnot the all powerfull god heal himself?,
    why did he not appear before all the people in the city center [temple] or in the palace of pilot? or other public places
    why only a few showings to the christian inner cult members?, and only do that a few times???for short peroids of time
    why no real post cross teaching or instruction recorded by him????
    if he was the allpowerfull god why does he say" I can't stay long with you"???

    evidence points to a FAKE death and quickly needing to get out of town
    and supports the tale he went to france with mary mags
  14. May 19, 2003 #13
    Nothing but tales and stories and myths. And part of that even contradicts one another...

    It is ought to be considered an artefact of belief, and not a fact of knowledge, a fact as such.
  15. May 26, 2003 #14
    All of you are missing the point. You're thinking : I will believe when I see, when in fact you will SEE when you BELIEVE. There are countless people who can confess to this statement, people who thought just as you did once. Many believe, what if God doesn't exist? Well I say what if he does? You have to take both possibilities into account. I say again, Believe first, and then see. You have nothing to lose, and everthing to gain.
  16. May 26, 2003 #15


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    My position is that we as a species have much to loose.

    Do you remember when you first learned about the "original sin", and how you deserved to be out of the garden of eden because of something done by others long before you were even a plan?

    I do. It was a tough one to swallow, but I did for some time.

    Why do I bring this up? becuase I think that teaching children to accept things on the basis of authority, even if it makes no sense to them, hinders their curiosity and their ability to explore, to search for structure.

    Also, I would rather have people being good because of fascination for life and an understanding of an individual's role on society than because of love and fear of an immaterial entity.
  17. May 26, 2003 #16

    Most of the population of US/ Uk think jesus lives!!
  18. May 26, 2003 #17
    so what??
    most people are eazy too fool
    and belive many silly and/or stupid things

    most arabs belive in martyrdom and the muli-virgin rewards promisted them for blowing themselfs and others UP for their god

    aztec's belived in killing POWs to insure the sunrize

    and you allso support a fairytale with a man/god hero but again SO WHAT

    the bible STORY is full of holes
    like no bodys were removed from a cross
    they were to rot in place by law

    JC died way to quickly 3-4 days was the time it took to die on a cross not a few hours

    jews didnot use aloe on dead bodys
    but like today aloe was/is used to heal wounds of the living

    a honest study of the real facts, will bring one idea based on the reports,
    HE DIDNOT DIE, it was faked, then JC fled to the south of france or parts unknown
    later a guy named saul/paul invented a religion loosely based on JC's life and fake death, and wrote most of the new "T" without ever meeting the man the story is based on himself.

    then others revised and edited storys of JC throwing out thomas and "Q"to make the bible that would make romans happy and church freindly
    loosing the real ideas of JC in the process
  19. May 26, 2003 #18

    You misunderstood my post. I was saying it to ridicule the christians, not to give support based upon mass opinion. I am certainly not a christian.

    The majority of people might believe that they have a good chance of winning the lottery, but they are delusional. People tend to get that way when good things such as eternal paradise are waved infront of them.
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  21. May 26, 2003 #20
    That's the way liars convince their marks to buy into a lie. That is NOT the way any logical system works.
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