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Chroloplast and mitochondrial

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    I have a homework assignment to tell the differences between the two's genetic codes and their coding schemes also, but truthfully I am now really sick, so tired that I can't think up anything, I am really afraid that I can't pdf and hand in my report on time, would you please shed a light on that for me ?

    Thank you.
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    Are you looking for difference between mitochondiria and chloroplast or between mitochondria/chloroplast and eukaryotes?

    I'll get you started. Chlorolast and mitochondria have evolved from bacteria and they form a symbiotic relationship with eukaryotes. The genetic codes is different between bacteria and eukaryotes.
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    Mitochondia aren't plastids like chloroplasts. Mitochondira also perform cell respiration while chloroplasts perform photosynthesis.(they are almost the exact opposite)
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