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Chronic lyme disease.

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    I just watched this documentary over the debate on this in Connecticut, is there any good literature on its existence? Most organizations say it doesn't exist although there were a few doctors siding with patients.
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    Where I live in SW England you can certainly contract lyme disease (and some other nasty conditions) from the bugs (insects) that live in the countryside.

    The NHS and countryside organisations issue annual warnings about the ticks that spread this infection.

    I don't know whether the condition can be chronic or not though.

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    I think you misunderstood, Studiot - I think the OP is referring to chronic vs acute lyme disease.
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    Looking in Davidson I find

    Lyme disease is one of a group of infections by varieties of Borrelia.

    Lyme disease itself is not recorded as chronic, however late complications can include

    chronic polyneuropathy and chronic encepalopathy.

    In the parts of Africa and Asia where other Borrelia infections are endemic and often untreated chronic symptoms persist.

    Does this help?
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