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Circle coordinates

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    Thank you for taking time to read my post, I hope I am putting into the correct area of the physics forum.

    I am working with a programmer to complete a project that involves 2 intersecting vectors and a circle. The vector coordinates are known, we are trying to solve the circle equation. I have provided a visual example.

    The programmer says the problem is he needs a 4th point in order to program this and is not sure how to do this. He states the following:

    The equation of ellipse is:
    (X -Xo)^2/A^2 + (Y-Yo)^2/B^2 = 1
    where Xo,Yo - coordinates of center, A - major, B - minor semiaxes


    Thanks again.
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    Image address:

    The text is difficult to read on the image so here is what it says:

    Blue squares are outputs from an algorithm

    The circle can be any size
    but must be in the same relationship to the AB vector (ZY = AB)

    the Z point on the circle must be place on pt A

    The circle must intersect any point on CB and any point on BD
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