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Circle divided in 4 pieces

  1. Sep 17, 2007 #1
    I'm trying to create a formula from unit circle to square centered at origin with side length 2.

    The formula I have is, by pieces:

    From -pie/4 to pie/4, (1, y/x)
    From pie/4 to 3pie/4, (x/y, 1)
    From 3pie/4 to 5 pie/4, (-1, y/x)
    From 5pie/4 to 7 pie/4, (x/y, -1)

    Never mind the trivial issue of 7pie/4 and -1pie/4.

    My problem is, I don't want the separation of circle into 4 pieces in terms of pie.
    I need them in terms of x and y. So far I have

    For "-pie/4 to pie/4, x => Abs[y]
    For " pie/4 to 3pie/4, y => Abs[x]

    But what are they for
    "from 3pie/4 to 5pie/4"


    "5pie/4 to 7pie/4" ???

    This looks easy, but I have been twisiting my head for more than a few hours.

    Please help.
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