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Circle Programming problem

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    I've a small Query.
    Suppose a circle is plotted with its center at distance h,k (from x=0, y=0) with radius R. If theta is an angle from h,k to any point over the circle, we know that the co-ordinate of that point, from (h,k) perspective, will be Rcos(theta),Rsin(theta). In such a case, what shall be the co-ordinate of the SAME POINT, if it is taken from x,y.
    Kindly see Attached code written in Delphi.

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    Well naturally it would be ( h + R cos(theta), k + R sin(theta) ).
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    Thanks Pal, that solved the Astrology program bug.
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    OMG! An Astrology program? uart, what have you done?
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    He looked God in the face, spit into his divine beard and then laughed.
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