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Circle's degrees cannot are not comparative to all polygon's?

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    Ok, degrees measured in a circle are measured from the center, the inside. A square's, for example, is not measured from the center; if this were the case, all polygons would be 360 degrees. Polygons are measured from the points at which lines intersect, making the degrees given to a circle, and the degrees given to a square different. Polygons are given their degree labels at all sides facing the middle, not away.

    Any other thoughts on this, other than my learning disabilities?
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    Arrange 4 squares such that they all intersect at a single corner.

    Draw a circle around said corner.

    Voila, degrees in a square's angle.

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    Yes ofcourse and so does any other tesselation when combined, but doesnt it strike anyone that a circle is measured by the degress it puts away from its center?
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    matt grime

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    What strikes me is that I don't understand that sentence in the slightest. How does something 'put' things anywhere, especially *its* degrees?
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