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Circuit Analysis and IC Chips

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    How do you analyze things like Resistance, Impedance, Current, and Resistance for a circuit that uses ICs? Are there factors I have to account for in the IC itself?
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    We use KVL and KCL to analyze circuits. In IC the other factor to account for is the parasitics.
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    Outputs have drive strengths and things like open-collector that are described in the datasheets. You need to know how much current your analog components will draw from the IC pins.

    Inputs are generally high impedance unless they are sinking, in which the datasheet will tell you the maximum sink current. They also tell you the maximum voltage on the pins.

    Other than knowing the current and voltage on the pins that the datasheet tells you, you generally don't have to do much else in circuit analysis with an IC. It is more important to know the types of signals that come in and out of them, since that is their interaction in a circuit.
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