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Circuit Analysis Question

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    A MP3 player is powered by a 6V battery pack that can supply 600mA-hr of current. If the MP3 player draws 30 mA of current, how long will the battery last before it needs recharging? and What is the power used by the MP3 player?

    if any1 can help i'd appreciate it
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    If a battery has a 1A-hr capacity, and you draw 1A from it, how long will it last? Also, do you know the formula for calculating power from voltage and current?
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    it would last 1-hr. isnt the formula for power current over voltage???
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    Ummm, no. The formula for power is Volts x Amps = Watts.
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    ok thanx .............
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    t = 600 mA-hr/30 mA = 20 Hours (optimistic, but theoretically correct)
    P = .03A x 6V = .18 Watts (as long as the battery holds at 6 Volts)
    E = .18W x 20Hr x 3600 sec/hr = 12,960 Watt-seconds (Joules)
    Practically, the battery won't hold at 6 volts during the phases of its discharge, so the above calculations are only the ideal case.
    -Dr. Bob
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