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Circuit Analysis

  1. Sep 20, 2006 #1
    My goal is to derive the equation:
    [itex]R_I = \frac{R_S R_P}{R_S - R_P}[/itex]

    Ri and Rp are in parallel.
    Rs is in series with the other two.
    Rs and Rp are variable resistance boxes. Ri is a galvanometer.
    (I don't think that last point matters anyway).
    Please use only Ohm's Law V=IR and any other simple circuit analysis procedure to solve.
    Please view the picture.

    I have already spent many hours trying to manipulate the equations-- it will be pointless to post them here; so just trust that I have.

    Please answer if you can; it will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you :smile:

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