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Homework Help: Circuit analysis

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    I was working on a project work on Electrical Circuit Analysis with c++(bgi mode) and now i'm having problems with the mouse drivers and the connecting cables .

    Would anyone help me with this?
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    I'll try

    Whats your problem? Is it software or hardware related? Or is it problems within your program itself either way let e know maybe I can help you?

    Dx :wink:
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    circuit analysis : redifinition of the problem

    the main problem is software related.First of all i don't know how to establish connections of my program with the mouse(note: i'm a beginner for c++).

    And the second problem is : how can i make the program know whether there is a connection between the lines(representing the circuit) or not. Should i record all the coordinates of the end points of the lines in an array and then check them one by one?
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    You oughtta make a note that this thread is about figuring out how to program something and not how to analyze circuits.. I shied away from it at first in a deeply-rooted fear reaction to the word "circuit"


    As for getting mouse input in your program.. it depends

    What sort of GUI libraries are you using? I'd recommend talking to your professor for help on something that specific, or going to the documentation/forums of whatever programmin' libraries you're using

    How to record connections between dots, eh? I'd say to just have a dynamic list of which dots are connected, but I think that someone would need more specific information to give you any really useful advice
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    Re: circuit analysis : redifinition of the problem

    Your using MVC++, you want to create a program. Dont panic its simple ok. 1st; you click file then new, alright. 2nd; Name your program e.g., what_ever_it_is.cpp, ok. 3rd; the software will make a blank sheet for you to write your code on. Finally, when you want to run yor program you must first compile it so that the computer will transform our english lang to computer lang for the computer to understand. Have you taken C, yet? I prefer C++ to C anyways. alot easier for me.

    Next help with your code! I personally would use either an array like your doing or the struct method but plotting all points will probably take up some of your time. Thats ok, with programming all you have is time so youll do just fine. May i suggest to visit this site http://www.cprogramming.com/links.html [Broken] and post your code there, those guys are C/C++/C## nerds and can help you probably more than I can. Dont forget when posting your code to use the html tags
    Code (Text):
    your_mouse_code[code/] they like that makes your program easier to read and they makes them feel special, lol.
    If you need more help or none of those nerds dont help you then post your code here and we'll figure it out together.
    Dx :wink:
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