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Homework Help: Circuit analysis

  1. Oct 10, 2009 #1

    Does a part of current form cell E1 go through the cell with emf E2? or only through the resistor R?

    Similarly does current from E2 pass through E1?
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    In any circuit, only one current flows through one branch, even though it contain resistance and cell.That net current can be found by Kirchhoff law.
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    Hi sArGe99! :smile:

    (try using the X2 tag just above the Reply box :wink:)

    The same amount of current passes through E1 as through R1.

    The same amount of current passes through E2 as through R2.

    Call them I1 and I2, and call the current through R I3.

    Carry on from there. :smile:
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