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Circuit board production

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    I know this is a very general question, but any info is appreciated. I wanted to know what is involved in going from prototype board to production. What costs are involved in getting a company to produce your circuit board design? Anyone familiar with approximate costs, min quantities, anything?
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    There is software available for download (free) that allows you to design the board. Some board houses have low quantity services. You can do a 3 x 4 inch bare board depending on complexity for around $120 plus your labor in board design. Of course you need to add in the cost of individual components.
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    You can get batchpcb.com to manufacture your board for something like $2.50 per sq. inch + $10 setup fee. I just used them to make a board of mine that is like 3x4 inches and it cost me $70 for 2 copies.
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    Are there any services that solder the components on as well?
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    Sure. Now you are talking about contract manufacturers. Once again, more money.
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    goldphoenixpcb.biz and 4pcb.com do assembly and PCB manufacturing in large quantities.
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    Averagesupernova doesn't mention it, but this software is Eagle PCB by Cadsoft:

    There's also a few free ones available:

    The best of that bunch (which my friend uses) is probably KiCad:
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