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Circuit diagrams?

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    does anyone know a software on how to draw circuit diagrams with white background?

    i have an LTspice software but i do not know how to convert it into a JPG pic file... what i do is print screen,go to paint and send it to photobucket which is more of a hassle

    (if this has been posted before kindly provide link)
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    - Multisim
    - AutoCAD
    - Microsoft VISIO (lots of engineers use this...)
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    Many modern schematic editors let you just Select All, Copy. That puts a form of the schematic onto the windows clipboard, which you can then Paste into other software packages like Word and Visio and Paint. Does that work in your software package? This type of cut/paste from schematics into Word docs is used a lot for documentation.
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    I'm growing reasonably fond of a program called DIPTrace. You can download it for free from http://www.diptrace.com/" [Broken].

    It offers the ability to enter and print schematics by pick and place, with a pretty good component library, then convert the schematic to a PCB layout. The free version lets you go up to about 250 total pins, I think, which is a reasonably complicated board.
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