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Circuit doubt

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    If in a series circuit and as ammeter, the triage point, there are only two ways : 1.to the ammeter 2. A leading to the use of electrical It stands to reason that at this time no other path through electric appliances, A, A will be short-circuit. But do remember that when this is done the subject, but he said no short circuit, I have not done any experiments in the end will not short-circuit ah? (I can only speak a little English,this passage may have some grammatical errors,I am sorry !)
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    Sorry, I do not know what you mean ....
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    The Wasp, you will have to make your question a little more coherent than that.
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    I can't get it either. If you state what your primary language is perhaps someone could translate?
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    Looks like Japanese or Chinese thru a machine translator like BableFish.
    Having some experience with that.
    I think the OP is asking if it is possible to use an ammeter to determine if some device is defective.

    The answer being maybe.
    It would help if you said what the device was.
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