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Circuit gain

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    I have a circuit which i designed to have gain around 60dB
    unfortunately when I tried it out the circuit's gain falls short around 30 dB.
    and also when i tried it out with electrode, the circuit's gain got lower than 25 dB.
    My problem is what are the reasons that cause this problem
    and if I continue with this circuit, what would happen to the outcome result?

    I am new to circuit making and any help or suggestions would be very much appreciated.
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    You would really have to show the circuit of your amplifier and also give your calculations for the gain.

    Even then, it may be difficult to work out why your amplifier is not performing too well.
    So, you need to help us as much as you can.
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    By 60dB, do you mean a voltage gain of 1000?
    You must post the circuit schematic for anyone to help you and say the frequency of operation and the source and load impedances.
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