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Homework Help: Circuit - Having issues with mesh analysis

  1. Apr 18, 2010 #1
    This was a test problem on an exam of mine. The problem asks for you to find the current through the 8 ohm resistor, which is 2.5 amps. I can solve the circuit by superposition or by source transformation and then reduction, but I cannot seem to solve it with mesh analysis.

    I defined three loop currents, one in each "windowpane". My loop equations are then:

    Loop 1) 6 * IA = 36 V
    Loop 2) 12 * IB - 12*IC = 0
    Loop 3) -12*IB + 24*IC = 0

    Solving those equations does not give me the correct answer. I think that my problem is that I'm not properly taking into account the 4 amp source, but my logic is that within the context of mesh analysis, that 4 amp source simply indicates that loop current B is 4 amps larger than loop current A.

    Anyway, I'm stuck. I know for a fact that I should be able to solve this circuit through mesh analysis. Any help would be much appreciated.

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