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Circuit help Please!

  1. Nov 10, 2004 #1
    Circuit help!!! Please!

    A battery is connecteed to a capacitor and the capacitor(C) is connected to an inductor(L) which si connected to a resistor (R) and the resistor is connected back to the battery ALL IN SERIES. A voltmeter is connected across the terminal of the resistor

    Using [tex] I_{0} = \frac{V_{0}}{Z} [/tex]
    derive an expression for Io through the above described circuit as a function of frequency

    Here anything with the subscript o means that it is the initial state.

    I am not sure how they go about solving this but i know that the resonant frequency is given by

    [tex] f = \frac{1}{2 \pi \sqrt{LC}} [/tex]

    but i am not sure on how to proceed is there some formula i don't know or am i missing??
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    It looks like you know what the voltage across the circuit is, right? (from the battery). Then all you have to do to get Io is calculate the impedance Z (analogous to resistance) for the whole circuit. There are simple closed expressions for the impedance of various circuit elements that I trust you have or can easily find (or even derive, with a bit of complex calculus).
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