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Circuit help

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    Currnet flows from positive to negative right? cause you assume the path a proton would take?! also how much resistance does one ohm provide? does it block 1 volt? and resistors increase voltage and decrease current right? thanks!
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    Sorta, but no. There is a convention of positive current flow, in reality electrons are the current carriers in metallic conductors. You can use either negative or positive current flow, all is the same except for signs. Protons do not move as current in metallic conductors, they form the crystalline lattice which the electrons move through.

    Ummmm... 1 ohm!
    Since ohms is the units for resistance there cannot be any other answer.

    Resistance does not increase voltage. It does reduce current.

    In a simple series DC circuit the sum of the voltages of the resistors equals the voltage of the source.
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